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MTL Cannabis Wes’ Coast Kush Review

Are you ready to get your kush on? We tried out the Wes' Coast Kush from MTL Cannabis and let's just say, it's got us feeling some type of way. With its sweet, earthy, and spicy taste and its pungent gas aroma, this strain is sure to take your taste buds on a wild ride. But does it live up to the hype? Keep reading to find out!

MTL Cannabis Wes’ Coast Kush is an indica-dominant flower that was created by crossing OG Kush with a mixture of undisclosed hybrid strains.

This hazy light green flower has hints of purple undertones and is adorned with white crystal trichomes. When smoked, it supposedly delivers a sweet, earthy, and spicy flavour that ends with a diesel-like aftertaste. In this review, we’ll compare it to similar strains like MTL Cannabis Cookies N Cream or Reef Organic’s Coastal Kush.

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As we opened the jar of Wes’ Coast Kush, we were immediately greeted with a pungent gassy aroma of Kush, with hints of spice and earthiness. There was also a subtle fruity scent that reminded me of fresh apples, though it was hidden beneath a strong danky gas and spice notes. Once the buds were broken up, the aroma intensified, and the classic Kush fragrance took over, enveloping our senses. The smell is straight gas, with a touch of sweetness and a slight hint of lemon. If you’re searching for an authentic, true-to-form Kush aroma, this one would be a good choice.


Upon opening the black plastic container, we were pleased to find the Wes’ Coast Kush had been packed with a humidity shield to preserve its freshness. The container was labelled with all the necessary information, including the brand name, product name, THC and CBD content, weight, terpenes, contact details, lot number, and packaged date.

As we examined the medium sized buds, we were struck by the abundance of trichomes covering the surface. They were dense but still had a slight squish to them, indicating that they were neither too dry nor too moist. The trimming was also done nicely, leaving us with little to complain about regarding the appearance. The buds were a hazy light green colour with dark green undertones and orange hairs, which added to their visual appeal.


As we rolled a joint and lit it up, we were delighted to find the taste matched the aroma. Upon inhaling, we noticed a distinct kushy, spicy earthiness that was complemented by a subtle hint of lemon. The gas flavour from the initial aroma dissipated, giving way to a smooth smoking experience. The taste reminded me of wet and tangy lemony goodness that lingered on the palate. The smooth smoking experience made it even more enjoyable, and we would recommend this strain to anyone who appreciates a good kush flavour.


Our batch of Wes’ Coast Kush from MTL Cannabis delivered a fantastic overall experience. Our container was packaged on February 6, 2023, with lot number 1423A0901. With a price of $34.95 for 3.5 grams and a THC content of 33.8%, we feel this strain is an amazing deal for its quality, and we would definitely order again.

The high was potent and long-lasting, with a pleasant indica effect. It started under and behind the eyes and gradually spreads throughout the body, leading to a full-body sedation that left us feeling relaxed and content. The heaviness of the eyes and weakness in the knees were clear indications of the strain’s potency. Although Wes’ Coast Kush is clearly indica-dominant due to its genetics, it still offered a good amount of mental focus with waves of euphoria. Overall, the experience was very enjoyable, and we highly recommend this one to any users looking to pick a new strain to try.

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Wes' Coast Kush from MTL Cannabis is a fantastic indica-dominant strain that delivers a potent and long-lasting high. With its classic kush taste and aroma, nicely trimmed and dense buds, and great value for the price, it's definitely worth trying. However, the strong gas smell may not appeal to everyone, and its heavy sedative effects make it unsuitable for daytime use. Overall, if you're looking for a strong and relaxing indica strain, this one is definitely worth considering.
  • Classic kush taste and aroma
  • Nicely trimmed and dense buds
  • Great value for the price
  • May induce heavy sedation
  • Strong gas smell may be off-putting
  • Not suitable for daytime use
Smell - 8.4
Appearance - 8.7
Flavour - 8.2
Experience - 8.4
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