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The Original Fraser Valley Weed Co. BC Sour Kush Review & Photos

Ready for a strain that will transport you straight to the great outdoors, with a complex blend of earthy, musky, and sour aromas? Say hello to BC Sour Kush from The Original Fraser Valley Weed Co.

The Original Fraser Valley Weed Co. offers BC Sour Kush, an indica-dominant strain that boasts a complex blend of aromas including grassy, earthy, musky, and sour scents. While our research suggests that this flower contains moderate levels of THC, we also discovered that the buds are characterized by their density and thick coating of white trichome crystals.

In other words, BC Sour Kush promises a well-rounded sensory experience and a visually impressive appearance. Let’s see how it compares to Fraser’s other indica D.Burger or DOJA’s Sour Kush.

Check our review, rating and photos below.

original fraser valley weed co bc sour kush review cannabis photos 1 merry jade


We received the flower from Fraser Valley in a medium-sized red plastic bag that could be resealed with a zipper. Upon opening the seal, we immediately noticed the distinctive cannabis smell. The earthy musk aroma was moderately strong, accompanied by a secondary fragrance with hints of zesty or sour citrus. However, we couldn’t help but wonder if the scent would have been even more potent had the buds not been so dry.


As with previous products from this company, BC Sour Kush was meticulously labelled with pertinent information located on the front of the packaging. This included the strain name, THC and CBD percentages, weight, and its specific aromas. On the back label, there was additional information regarding the origin, weight, contact information, and lot details. However, we did notice that the packaging did not indicate the specific terpenes present in the flower.

Upon inspecting the buds, we noted that they were small to medium in size and incredibly dense. Like other strains from Fraser Valley, the buds were covered in trichomes, indicating their quality. However, we also observed that the buds were quite dry, likely due to the absence of a humidity shield in the packaging. Despite this, we still found the aroma and appearance of the buds to be impressive.


After experiencing the earthy, musky aroma of the BC Sour Kush, we anticipated a similar taste upon smoking. However, upon rolling a joint and taking several full inhalations, we found that the flavour profile was considerably weaker than the scent. In fact, in comparison to the other two strains we had sampled from this brand, we felt this one to be the weakest overall.

While we could detect some of the same earthy, musky, and grassy notes, they were noticeably muted, as the flavour seemed to dissipate quite rapidly after only a few puffs. While the aroma of the BC Sour Kush was impressive, we were somewhat underwhelmed by its taste profile.


Our bag of BC Sour Kush was part of lot number 02195 and was packaged on December 1, 2022. With a THC content of 16.8% and a price of $99.95 for 28 grams, we found the price to be reasonable and in line with other products from Fraser Valley. While the lower THC percentage led us to expect a milder experience, we found that the strain delivered a moderate level of relaxation, accompanied by the familiar mental cloud often associated with indica strains. Overall, this was the third flower we’ve sampled from Fraser Valley, and they’ve consistently impressed us with the quality, price, and availability of their products. While the BC Sour Kush was not as potent as some other strains we have tried, we still found it to be a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

original fraser valley weed co bc sour kush review cannabis photos 2 merry jade
original fraser valley weed co bc sour kush review cannabis photos 3 merry jade
original fraser valley weed co bc sour kush review cannabis photos 4 merry jade
original fraser valley weed co bc sour kush review cannabis photos 5 merry jade
original fraser valley weed co bc sour kush review cannabis photos 6 merry jade


BC Sour Kush from The Original Fraser Valley Weed Co. is an indica-dominant strain with a grassy, earthy, musky, and sour aroma. This flower was listed with under 17% THC and had small to medium-sized buds covered in trichomes. The taste profile was somewhat muted, but the strain provided a moderate level of relaxation, accompanied by a mild mental cloud. Overall, we found the strain to be reasonably priced and of good quality, consistent with other products from this brand.
  • Price ($99.95 for 28 grams)
  • Relaxing physical high
  • Dense and frosty buds
  • Muted flavour profile
  • Very dry buds
  • Under 17% THC content
Smell - 7
Appearance - 8.2
Flavour - 6.9
Experience - 7.1
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Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Merry Jade after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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