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Tweed Chemdawg Review

Tweed's Chemdawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid that many users describe as having spicy, sweet and citrusy flavours.

Tweed Chemdawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Sour Diesel with OG Kush.

Users describe it’s flavour profile as being spicy, sweet and citrusy with a similar aroma even though the taste is quite a bit milder then it’s smell. Tweed indicates the buds of this strain are dense, bright green with an orange hue and a dense layer of trichomes. Naturally we’re curious how this flower stacks up to competitors like Edison’s Chemdog strain.

Check our review, rating and photos below.

tweed chemdawg review cannabis photos 1 merryjade


Not long ago we reviewed Tweed’s Green Cush and that product arrived in a cube-shaped tin however their packaging seems to have changed to resealable bags. It will be interesting to see if these bags do anything to improve the freshness of the flower. Tearing open the package and inhaling deeply left us disappointed as the smell was barely detectable… only a faint herbal aroma was noticed.


We’ve reviewed a lot of Tweed strains so far and feel they always have the same problem with being over dry. Unfortunately the change in packaging did not improve this as no humidity shield was included. While the buds were quite dense, well trimmed and covered in a light layer of trichomes, we also found them very small and easy to crumble between your fingertips.


Given the weak aroma and dry state of the flower, we weren’t expecting much flavour and that was pretty much what we got. Only a tad stronger than the smell, the taste was comparable to a very mild dankness on inhale that morphed into a more neutral herbal note on exhale. Disappointing.


Listed with 24.3% THC content and a price tag of $22.95 for 3.5 grams, we found Tweed’s Chemdawg delivered a decent experience for the money so long as you don’t care about flavour. It produced strong body vibes and tingles, with a very clear cerebral high. It’s worth checking out and even though it’s dry we still preferred it over Tweed’s Balmoral strain or their Hindu Kush.

tweed chemdawg review cannabis photos 2 merryjade
tweed chemdawg review cannabis photos 3 merryjade
tweed chemdawg review cannabis photos 4 merryjade

Tweed's Chemdawg is a sativa hybrid with a very mild aroma and dry buds. Listed with 24.3% THC content and a price of $22.95 for 3.5 grams, we found it delivered a good experience for the money as long as you don't mind a very mild smell and flavour. Best compared to a moderately strong body vibe with a clear cerebral high. Given the price it's worth checking out if the dryness and lack of significant smell doesn't bother you.
  • Price point ($22.95 for 3.5 grams)
  • Available in multiple quantities
  • Moderately strong high
  • No humidity shield
  • Very weak smell
  • A little heavy for a sativa
Smell - 6
Appearance - 7.4
Flavour - 6.6
Experience - 7.2
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Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Merry Jade after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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  1. I don’t want to be that guy but having a brief history with Tweed as a 7yr medical user I can attest that they’re weed leaves a lot to be desired. Like the sole business motivation is profit at the expense of mass producing crap, rush grown, rush cured. One common trait with Tweed product is dryness which is linked to aroma and terpene value. Its a real shame that Canada’s largest LP isn’t No.1 in the Recreational marketspace. Mysteriously don’t have Houseplant or Leafs by Snoop anymore either.

    • Great feedback. We’re feeling the same way about this brand. Chemdawg was definitely a disappointment. There doesn’t seem to be much passion, more about profit which is unfortunate. I really appreciate you leaving your thoughts.


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