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Vibe Rocketman Pre-Roll Review

Looking for a high-quality pre-rolled joint that won't break the bank? Look no further than Vibe's Rocketman. With its complex and potent aroma, well-executed appearance, smooth and flavourful taste, and strong and satisfying high, this product is sure to please even the most discerning enthusiast. But is it worth your time and money?

Vibe Rocketman Pre-Roll is a pre-rolled Blackberry Kush product that is available in packs containing two 1-gram joints. This strain is indica-dominant, and is said to possess a sweet berry scent and flavour profile. As we are unfamiliar with this brand and their sole product offering, we are eager to assess the quality of this strain in comparison to other indica strains such as Good Supply’s Starwalker Kush pre-roll and Thrifty Stixx Waffle Cone pre-roll.

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We noticed the pre-rolls were packaged in a black plastic tube, which was surprisingly effective in preserving the aroma of the product. Upon opening the tube, we were immediately greeted by a pleasant and notably strong smell, despite the product having already been ground and rolled. The scent was reminiscent of gassy purple grapes or grape Crush soda, with a distinct sweetness and a subtle hint of spice. The aroma was particularly intriguing as it contained both fruity and earthy notes that blended together harmoniously. As we took a few more whiffs, we also detected subtle hints of pine and musk, which added depth to the overall profile.


The black plastic tube featured standard information such as the strain, cannabinoid percentages, lot number, and package date. Upon emptying the tube of its contents, we noted the two joints appeared to have been machine-rolled using RAW-filtered rolling paper cones, with an identical stamping down of the pin end. As with most pre-rolls, it was challenging to get a good look at the dried flower inside. However, the quality of the roll itself looked excellent, with a tight, even construction that was well-packed and free from any noticeable defects.


The pre-roll burned evenly and slowly, providing a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience. As we took our first inhale, we were immediately greeted by a delicious flavour that was comparable in strength to the aroma. The initial taste was a pleasant note of purple grape, which was quickly followed by a subtle but noticeable hint of gassy earthiness on exhale. The combination of fruity and earthy flavours created a well-balanced taste that was both complex and enjoyable. We appreciated the way that the different notes complemented each other, creating a unique and satisfying experience.

However, we did notice a mild throat burn that seemed to increase the more we consumed. While this did not detract from the overall flavour of the pre-roll, it is something to be aware of for those who may be more sensitive to harsher smoking experiences.


Our pre-rolls came from lot number PR230126PRNU and were packaged on Feb 13, 2023. With a THC content of 23.8% and a price tag of $11.75 for two 1-gram joints, we felt that this was an incredible deal compared to similar pre-rolls on the market.

The high was strong and focused primarily around the eyes, resulting in a slightly sedating physical sensation. While it did produce a slight mental slowness, we found it to be a pleasant and relaxing experience overall. As we finished our joints, we were left with the impression that the original Rocketman cannabis plant must have been fantastic, as the pre-rolls were of such high quality. We were impressed with the value of this product and have actually ordered them a few times now, as they are among the better options we’ve tried in a while.

Overall, the Vibe Rocketman pre-rolls provided a satisfying and enjoyable smoking experience at an unbeatable price point. We would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality indica that won’t break the bank.

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Vibe Rocketman pre-rolls has an aroma that was complex and potent, with notes of grape, spice, pine, and musk. The appearance of was well-executed, with machine-rolled RAW cones and consistent packing. The flavour was smooth with a tasty grape note and a touch of earthiness on the exhale. Finally, the high was strong and primarily focused around the eyes, resulting in a slightly sedating physical sensation with only a slight mental slowness. We recommend to anyone looking for a great value and a satisfying smoking experience.
  • Smooth and flavourful taste
  • Burned smoothly and slowly
  • Price ($11.76 for 2 x 1 gram joints)
  • Mild throat burn
  • Only available in pre-rolls
  • Expected stronger given THC percentage
Smell - 8.4
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 8.2
Experience - 8.7
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