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Big Bag O Buds Pink Cookies Review

Are you ready to join the cookie craze? No, we're not talking about the latest trendy dessert, but a strain of cannabis that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Big Bag O Buds' Pink Cookies promises a potent and flavourful experience with a lineage that's almost as complicated as a celebrity family tree.

Big Bag O Buds Pink Cookies is an indica-dominant strain which reportedly has a refreshing mint flavour derived from its GSC lineage, as well as a sweet finish thanks to its other parent, Cherry Pie.

The company claims that this strain provides a complex and flavourful experience, combining both potency and taste in one big bag of buds. However, we have seen big promises made without the ability to back them up, so we remain impartial and curious to see if Pink Cookies lives up to its claims.

Let’s compare to other indica strains offered by BBOB, including their Black Cherry Punch and their Ice Cream Cake.

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Upon opening the silver reflective bag with a zipper opening, the sweet and gassy aroma of Pink Cookies immediately filled the air. It was impossible not to notice the strong scent emanating from the bag, which hinted at the potency of the product inside. The fragrance was rich and distinct, with a pungent sweetness that lingered in the air long after the bag was opened. As we inspected the buds more closely, we noted that the scent had hints of earthiness and spice, providing a complex olfactory experience. Overall, the aroma of Pink Cookies was enticing, and we were eager to sample the buds to see how the scent translated into flavour.


The packaging of Pink Cookies was sleek and eye-catching, with the brand name, product name, type, weight, as well as cannabinoid totals prominently displayed on the front of the silver reflective bag. Flipping the bag over revealed additional information, such as the lot number, packaged date, and contact information for Organigram Inc. The simplicity of the branding was genius, drawing attention to the product and giving it a premium look and feel. We also appreciated the inclusion of an Integra humidity pack inside the bag, which helped to keep the buds fresh for longer.

As for the buds themselves, they were truly a sight to behold. The Pink Cookies buds were super dense and coated in crystals, giving them a sticky texture that was hard to resist. They had a vibrant green colour with lots of orange pistils, which added to their visual appeal. We were impressed with the quality of the trim job, as there was virtually no excess leaf or shake at the bottom of the bag. The buds were also a nice size, resembling a bunch of gram nugs and providing excellent bag appeal that could rival that of craft companies.


After rolling up a joint of Pink Cookies, we eagerly took our first puff, and we were not disappointed. The taste was strong and delicious, with a sweetness that was smooth and reminiscent of freshly baked cookies on the inhale. As we exhaled, we experienced a classic musky taste that was indicative of Pink Kush, one of the parent strains of Pink Cookies. The smoke was lovely, with a smoothness that was easy on the throat and lungs. We could immediately taste the complex flavour profile of the strain, with a hint of sweetness that gave way to a rich earthiness that was both satisfying and flavourful. The exceptional taste mixed sweet and smooth flavours, coupled with a classic musky exhale, which ended up creating a complex and well-balanced profile that was truly enjoyable to smoke.


Our bag of Pink Cookies, which was part of lot number 32310230106 and packaged on January 6, 2023, boasted a THC content of 22.7%. The price for 28 grams was $143.95, and we found it to be a great deal when considering the quality of the flower and comparing it to other options at a similar price point. Upon smoking, we immediately experienced the classic effects of a heavy-duty indica. It hit hard and fast, right behind the eyes, and made us want to lay down and relax. The potency was undeniable, and the high was long-lasting. We found it to be a perfect choice for unwinding after a long day or for those who have trouble sleeping. It’s definitely a re-buy for us, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a top-quality indica strain.

While we understand that strain fatigue can set in, we found that Pink Cookies was the perfect choice to mix up our usual routine. If the quality of Big Bag O Buds’ strains continues to be as high as it is with Pink Cookies, we will definitely be making this a regular purchase. All in all, it’s a great flower that is worth every penny.

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Pink Cookies by Big Bag O Buds is an indica-dominant strain that is a cross between the famous GSC and Cherry Pie. The buds were super dense, sticky, and coated in crystals with lots of orange pistils, making them highly appealing. The smell was sweet and gassy with a sweet and smooth inhale and musky classic Pink Kush exhale. With a THC content of 22.7%, this strain provides a couch-locked heavy-duty indica experience that hits hard right behind the eyes and makes you want to lay down.
  • Strong, delicious taste
  • Well-trimmed dense buds
  • Great price for quality
  • Strong couch-lock effects
  • May cause drowsiness
  • Limited availability in some areas
Smell - 8.8
Appearance - 8.4
Flavour - 7.8
Experience - 8.3
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