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Countryside Cannabis Grape Diamonds Review

Ever wonder what happens when Pink Grapefruit goes on a date with Member Berry? Spoiler alert: Grape Diamonds is their love child! But is it the Hollywood royalty of the cannabis world or just another page in the tabloids? Dive into our review to uncover the glittering truths of this tantalizing strain from Countryside Cannabis.

Countryside Cannabis Grape Diamonds is a hybrid strain born from the fusion of the classic Pink Grapefruit with Member Berry.

From our preliminary research, this flower boasts deep purple undertones and an impressively dense layer of trichomes. Its stunning appearance is matched by a sweet grape flavour profile, enriched by robust grape aromas intermingled with skunky notes. Let’s see how it stands up against Ritual’s Grape Cream Cake or Wagners’ Grape Quake.

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Upon opening the glass jar of Grape Diamonds, we were immediately met with a powerfully fragrant burst of ripe grapes, underlaid with a gentle hint of spices. This invigorating and robust aroma was so enticing that we were drawn to keep taking it in, captivated by its depth.


Grape Diamonds was elegantly housed in a UV-protected, tinted black glass jar, sealed securely with a sturdy lid. The use of such containers, known for maintaining freshness, earned our immediate appreciation. Displayed prominently on it were key product details: brand name, product name, weight, THC and CBD percentages, growth type, total terpene composition, dominant terpenes with their percentages, packaging date, and lot number.

Upon opening the jar, Countryside Cannabis’s dedication to product quality was further evident. Inside, a Boveda humidity pack acting as a humidity shield ensured the dried flower remained at its optimal freshness and quality. The buds, small to medium in size, were well-trimmed and felt pleasantly springy. Their vibrant green colour, complemented by a visible layer of trichomes, was a visual delight.


In our opinion, the optimal way to savor dried flower is by rolling a joint. This method has consistently proven to be the most effective for fully immersing ourselves in the distinct aromas and flavours various cannabis strains present. Upon sparking up a Grape Diamonds joint, we were pleased to find that the delightful aroma translated into the flavour profile, although it was slightly milder yet still quite enjoyable. Both upon inhaling and exhaling, a delicately rich grape essence graced our senses.


Our Grape Diamonds came from lot number WF104703, packaged on July 3, 2023. The container clearly highlighted a THC content of 27.1%. Priced at $34.95 for 3.5 grams, we anticipated Grape Diamonds to offer a worthwhile experience, and it didn’t disappoint.

The delightful fragrance and taste were mere precursors to its gentle and serene effects. This strain’s high is marked by a subtle cerebral lift coupled with a tender bodily relaxation. There’s no overwhelming rush, but rather a graceful elevation that smoothly transitions into a soothing sensation. Given its minimalist yet entirely pleasant high, Grape Diamonds truly stands out as an anytime strain. Whether you’re kickstarting your morning or winding down in the evening, it offers a harmonious blend of effects, ensuring a balanced and memorable cannabis experience.

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Grape Diamonds, a splendid hybrid originating from Pink Grapefruit and Member Berry, offers an alluring package priced at $34.95 for 3.5 grams. Upon opening its UV-protected jar, one is greeted with a potent fragrance of ripe grapes subtly intermingled with spices. The buds, showcased in vibrant greens and a visible trichome layer, hold a promise of quality that they deliver upon consumption. Its taste mirrors its delightful aroma, and the ensuing high is a harmonious blend of gentle cerebral elevation and body relaxation. Overall, Grape Diamonds from Countryside Cannabis is a versatile strain, making it an ideal choice for any hour.
  • Delightful fragrance and taste
  • Balanced cerebral and bodily effects
  • Suitable for any time of day
  • High might be too subtle for some
  • Lacks strong dominant terpene presence
  • Limited size variety in buds
Smell - 7.6
Appearance - 8.2
Flavour - 7.5
Experience - 7.3
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