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Wagners Grape Quake Review

Brace yourselves for the Grape Quake! This unique hybrid strain from Wagners is making waves with its distinctive grape-driven profile and undercurrents of spice and citrus. Read on, as we unravel the grapey mysteries of this potent strain. After all, who could resist a seismic shift in their cannabis journey?

Wagners Grape Quake is a hybrid strain from the team at Wagners, brought to life through an inventive cross between Grape Cream Cake and Pladdy Quake. With scant pre-existing information available, we’re left to unravel its mysteries firsthand.

Your initial hit is reportedly dominated by an unmistakable grape flavor, intricately layered with delectable undertones of Danish pastries, cheese, and cake. This sweet dessert profile is further enriched by a delightful grape jelly aroma. The strain’s dominant terpenes – Limonene, Linalool, and Myrcene – contribute to its distinctive profile.

Let’s see how this compares to similar products like Tommy Craft’s Grape Galena or Color’s Baked Grape Pie.

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Upon breaking the seal of the compact, resealable bag provided by Wagners, we were welcomed by an inviting, mildly aromatic scent of purple grapes. It was an enticing opening note that piqued our interest immediately.

As we delved deeper, we could pick up a subtly blended undertone of pepper and citrus. These notes were faint, yet discernible, offering a captivating complexity to the initial grape aroma.

Despite its gentleness, the fragrance carried a sense of intrigue. It wasn’t the kind that overwhelms the senses, rather it was an understated, well-rounded bouquet that stirred our curiosity and anticipation. It left us eager to uncover what other sensory delights this unique hybrid strain had in store.


Wagners’ Grape Quake arrived in a compact, sleek grey resealable pouch. The package was adorned with essential details about the product on its front, covering aspects like the brand, product name, THC and CBD content, packaging date, weight, lot number, and company contact information. However, the packaging fell a bit short on providing specific details about the flower itself.

Upon opening the pouch and examining its contents, the absence of a humidity shield was immediately evident. Such an addition could have contributed significantly to preserving the right moisture balance and enhancing the longevity of the dried flower. Unfortunately the buds were extremely crispy with a bit of shake at the bottom of the bag.

Nonetheless, they were still dense, meticulously trimmed, sized from small to medium and even though they were quite dry they did retained a touch of sponginess to the feel. The sparse pistil hairs that could be identified were of a warm, brown hue, adding to the visual appeal. Overlaying the buds was a thin yet enchanting layer of trichomes, lending the buds a shimmering, frosted appearance.


Following the grinding process, we rolled the flower into a joint and embarked on a deep inhalation. The experience was nothing short of soothing, a cascade of delightful purple grape flavour coursed through, subtly counterbalanced by a gentle undertone of pepper. This was a welcome departure from the harsh throat burn we encountered last week during our review of the Ritual’s Green Grape Cream Cake; this iteration succeeded in preserving the integrity of the grape flavour, all the while circumventing any discomfort.

The overall flavour of this Grape Quake flower was truly pleasing. It was smooth on the palate and easy to savour, particularly given the charming fusion of grape and pepper notes it presented. This cultivar offered an effortlessly enjoyable and well-rounded flavour experience that was as intriguing as it was enjoyable.


Our bag was from lot number 0098F which had a package date of April 26, 2023. It was quite potent, touting a THC level of 26.73%, and we purchased a package containing 3.5 grams for the price of $31.95. This strain turned out to be a thoroughly rewarding experience, right from the first whiff to the final puff. The flavour profile was more than agreeable, and the resulting high was perfectly suited to the occasion.

The high itself was hallmarked by a gentle mental fog, which beautifully complemented the calming, relaxing bodily sensations we indulged in. It was an experience that proved both invigorating and tranquilizing. All in all, Grape Quake is a strain worth exploring if you’re looking for an enjoyable grape-flavoured flower experience that leaves you feeling nice and relaxed without any type of sore throat. However, if you’re looking for a more pronounced grape taste in your cannabis, there are stronger options available.

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Grape Quake, a unique hybrid strain from Wagners, expertly combines Grape Cream Cake and Pladdy Quake. The package, priced at $31.95 for 3.5 grams, delivers a potent product with a THC content of 26.73%. The opening scent is an inviting mix of purple grapes, pepper, and citrus, which primes the senses for the forthcoming experience. Despite the lack of a humidity shield, the buds maintain a slight sponginess, and are covered in a thin layer of trichomes. The real treat comes from the flavour profile - a delightful balance of purple grape and a gentle pepper undertone. The effects of Grape Quake provide a gentle mental fog coupled with calming, relaxing bodily sensations. This strain is perfect for those seeking a potent, grape-flavoured experience without the downside of throat irritation.
  • High THC content at 26.73%
  • Pleasant grape, pepper, and citrus aroma
  • Calming, relaxing bodily sensations
  • Absence of a humidity shield
  • Flavour may be too subtle for some
  • Packaging lacks specific flower details
Smell - 7
Appearance - 8.2
Flavour - 7.2
Experience - 7.4
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