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Fuego Death Bubba Dablicator Review

Fuego's Death Bubba Dablicator comes in a simple-to-use distillate pen and clocks in over 80% THC content.

Fuego Death Bubba Dablicator is a type of concentrated extract in a simple-to-use distillate pen that is highly portable and very potent.

If you’re after precision dosing, then you use this Dablicator for direct sublingual application, infuse your flower or food, plus the heat-resistant metal tip is perfect for direct oil application. Fuego says the whole idea behind this product was to deliver a very strong cannabis experience without additives or fillers.

Let’s see how this compares to Fuego’s Strawberry Cannacolada Vape Cart.

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Fuego’s Death Bubba Dablicator came packaged in a white resealable plastic bag with an easy to use applicator and metal tip. In terms of aroma, we detected a sweet floral followed by hints of diesel and lavender pretty much right after opening the bag. A really fresh distillate smell, that gives off that pure, full spectrum aroma. 


The distillate was a golden honey like colour and had a consistency similar to corn syrup. It’s very sticky which also means you can easily wrap it around any joints you roll. The dispenser has a metal tip so you can smoke right from it if you have a nectar collector. Plus, this Dablicator is equipped with a reverse twist design that insures you get every last drop.


The flavour profile was very pungent but with a clean tasting smoke that resulted in very little coughing. We found there was hints of a sweet diesel followed by a earthy floral undertone that was present but not as strong. The taste was very similar to what you normally get from a full spectrum or live terpene cartridge.


Listed at 83.6% THC content with a price tag of $37.00 for the 1 gram pen, we thought Fuego’s Death Bubba Dablicator is a must try especially if you’re already a fan of extracts. It’s high potency hits hard and can easily put you out like a light. However we don’t recommend this for beginners and we always recommend starting with small doses unless you know your tolerance. Even though the smell and taste was just average, the overall high had an amazing relaxing entourage effect. The experience might be a bit intense for some but if you’re looking to get blasted then try this one out.

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Fuego's Death Bubba Dablicator is a simple-to-use distillate pen with 83.6% THC and price of $37. We found it's high potency hits like a truck and could easily knock you out. This one might not be ideal for beginners unless you take it slow in the start. Overall this concentrate delivered an amazing relaxing entourage effect and is worth checking out.
  • Over 80% total THC content
  • Price point ($37 for 1 gram)
  • Floral and lavender aroma
  • Tasted like a terpene cartridge
  • Distillate was sticky and messy
  • Not recommended for beginners
Smell - 6.7
Appearance - 7.2
Flavour - 5.7
Experience - 8.8
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