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HydRx Skinz Glass Tipped Hemp Wraps Review

Looking to elevate your smoking game? Enter HydRx Skinz glass-tipped hemp wraps - the eco-friendly and flavourful alternative to plain old cones. Join us as we review these new and innovative wraps and discover if they're worth the buzz!

As cannabis consumption becomes more widespread and accepted, companies are constantly innovating to provide new and improved products to enhance the user’s experience such as with HydRx Skinz Glass Tipped Hemp Wraps. This latest example is HydRx’s Skinz which are glass-tipped hemp blunt wraps that are suppose to offer a superior smoking experience compared to basic hemp blunt cones.

In this review, we will be examining the quality of construction, ease of use, and overall value of these wraps from HydRx. We understand that there are many different smoking accessories available on the market, but we believe this product offers a unique appeal for joint or blunt smokers.

Let’s see how these compare to Tyson x Futurola’s blunt wraps or the popular “Toad” blunt cones.

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The quality of HydRx’s glass-tipped hemp blunt wraps is impressive. The reusable glass filters, which measure at 1-inch in length, are a unique and eco-friendly addition to the product. They not only provide a smooth and flavourful smoking experience but also contribute to reducing the amount of waste generated from smoking. The glass filters are securely attached to the hemp wraps and are well-crafted, making them durable and long-lasting.

They also used paper inserts which helped maintain the cone shape and preventing the paper from getting crushed or collapsing. This ensures that they are easy to pack and use, making the smoking experience more enjoyable. Another noteworthy aspect of the construction quality is the humidity shield in the tin. This feature helps to keep the wraps fresh and prevents them from drying out, ensuring a great smoking experience every time. It’s evident that HydRx products focus on creating a great smoking experience without losing sight of environmental sustainability and user convenience.

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Our experience with HydRx’s glass-tipped hemp wraps had its ups and downs. While the dual-button security lock on the tin was a bit of a challenge to open, luckily the cones were easy to access and use. Obviously these are easier to use then rolling a blunt manually. The addition of glass filters with each wrap provided a smooth smoking experience, and the paper insert ensured the cone shape was maintained throughout shipping.

However, we found the wraps dried out and cracked quickly if they were not used soon after purchase, despite the inclusion of a humidity shield. We noticed the cracking start about 10 days from opening the tin. This can be an issue for those who do not consume cannabis regularly or for those who want to purchase the product in bulk for future use. Nonetheless, the wraps burn smoothly and evenly, which is a definite plus that enhances the overall smoking experience.

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The HydRx Skinz come in packs of 4 and will mainly appeal to blunt smokers looking for a high-quality experience. One of the most significant benefits of these cones is their ability to accommodate a full gram of dried flower, a notable improvement over other cones that can only hold around a half gram. The glass filters included with each wrap also add value by providing a smoother smoking experience.

While these wraps are relatively new and not yet widely available, HydRx offers some pre-rolls in this wrap, like their Golden Pineapple Blunt we reviewed a few weeks ago. The unique and very smooth smoking experience provided by these glass-tipped hemp wraps is worth the investment, especially for those who are tired of traditional cardboard blunt filters.

It is important to note that these wraps may dry out and crack if not used soon after purchase, so it is recommended to consume them within a short time frame after opening to avoid this issue. Despite this limitation, these hemp cones delivered a satisfying session that will be hard for other basic blunt cones to match.

The ability to hold a full gram of dried flower, combined with the inclusion of glass filters, make these wraps a worthy investment even though they are quite a bit more then a pack of rolling papers. Although they may dry out and crack if not used soon after purchase, the unique and smooth smoking experience provided by these wraps is definitely worth the investment.


HydRx Skinz glass-tipped hemp blunt wraps offer a high-quality smoking experience with notable benefits. The reusable glass filters provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, while the paper inserts ensure that the cone shape is maintained throughout shipping. One negative point is they may dry out and crack if not used soon after purchase, but the value provided by these wraps is significant, delivering an enjoyable smoking experience that is hard for basic blunt papers to match.
  • Glass filters create enjoyable smoking experience
  • Smooth burning hemp paper
  • Holds 1 gram of ground dried flower
  • Not currently available for purchase
  • Glass tips not sold separately
  • Wraps can dry out and crack
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