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Lot420 Icy C (Off Menu) Review & Cannabis Photos

Lot420's Off Menu Icy C is a indica-dominant hybrid with a minty aroma, dense round buds and very strong high.

Icy C from Lot420 is an indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake.

Most users describe the aroma as a sweet combination of creamy vanilla with gassy undertones. It’s known to also produce a sedated feeling with a sense of calmness making it popular among medicinal patients. Growers report the buds being dense with light green and purple hues topped off with a moderately thick layer of trichomes.

We want to see how this compares to Big Bag O Buds I.C.C. strain or Ice Cream Cake from Edison.

Check our review, rating and photos below.

lot 420 off menu icy c review cannabis photos 1 merry jade


Lot420’s Off Menu Icy C strain (aka Ice Cream Cake) has an extremely minty aroma, with hints of citrus. The best way to describe the smell would be comparing it to minty lemonade. Definitely has similar qualities as Lot420’s Gelato 33, but this one is a lot sweeter on the nose.


The flower came in a matte black glass jar with a resealable security top. The THC percentage is listed but unfortunately the dominant terpenes or their breakdown was not… definitely this was a little disappointing as we like to know this information. The buds looked great, they were dense, medium size and featured darker tones of green with brownish/orange hairs. Each nug looked as though it was covered in pixie dust because you could see the sparkle from the trichomes a mile away.


Taking in a super smooth, big pull, you can feel the smoke rushing in through your lungs and lighting up your taste buds with an extremely minty and floral inhale. As you exhale, a sweet mint cake holds onto your tongue, tasting so good, you’ll think you had some mint ice cream cake and will probably wish you had. A hint of gas lingers in the aftertaste but it is easily overpowered by sweet cake.


Listed with 24.0% THC content and a price of $39.99 for 3.5 grams, we found Lot420’s Icy C delivered a calm and relaxing physical experience. Any type of body aches or headache instantly vanish for us when we consumed this strain, as well as their Gelato 33, which could have something to do with the extremely minty flavour and aroma that does well with our endocannabinoid system. Huge shout-out to them, as it’s difficulty for us personally to find a strain that has such a strong, positive impact on us. Icy C definitely has hybrid-indica effects with a chill high that allowed us to enjoy a peaceful vibe, with nice sedative comedown. If you’re trying to pick a new strain this one might be a great option to check out. Lot420 has been one of our favourite cannabis brands since first trying them and we will continue paying the price for this delicious minty sweetness.

lot 420 off menu icy c review cannabis photos 2 merry jade
lot 420 off menu icy c review cannabis photos 3 merry jade

Lot420's Off Menu Icy C is an indica-dominant hybrid with a minty smell and 24.0% THC content. Currently listed at $39.99 for 3.5 grams, we found it delivered a calm and relaxing physical experience. Body aches instantly vanish for us which could have something to do with the extremely minty element that does well with our endocannabinoid system. Icy C produces a great chill high that allowed us to enjoy a peaceful vibe with nice sedative comedown.
  • Amazing aroma and flavour
  • Very strong high
  • Dense and frosty buds
  • No humidity shield
  • Price point ($39.99 for 3.5 g)
  • Small batch only
Smell - 9.2
Appearance - 8
Flavour - 9
Experience - 8.7
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