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Sheeesh BluntZ Pre-Roll (Mendo Stomper) Review

Ever lit up a blunt that promises a journey through layers of flavours and sensations, only to have the wrap steal the show? Enter Mendo Stomper from Sheeesh. An intriguing blend of some iconic parents, housed in an authentic King Palm wrap that might just rewrite your blunt experience. Dive into our review and uncover the highs and lows of this tantalizing treat.

Sheeesh BluntZ Pre-Roll Mendo Stomper from Sheeesh is an indica-leaning strain that was created by crossing Dark Shadow Stomper and OGKB.

But instead of grabbing the whole flower option, we opted for the pre-rolled blunts. Why? Because these aren’t your regular blunts. These beauties are rolled in genuine King Palm leaf wraps, a far cry from the typical processed blunt papers many of us are used to lighting up. This shift to the more natural leaf is part of Sheeesh’s new “BluntZ” product line—a line that promises to showcase different strains in this unique format over time. With competitors like HydRx’s Golden Pineapple Blunt and Benny Blunto from The Loud Plug already on the scene, we were eager to see how this Mendo Stomper treat stacks up.

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One of the primary concerns with any pre-roll is the risk of it drying out, a disappointment many of us have faced more times than we’d like to admit. However, Sheeesh seems to have anticipated this hiccup because we found the blunts snugly packed within not just one, but a secondary zip bag, accompanied by a trusty humidity pack, all nested within the primary sealed bag. Talk about taking freshness seriously!

Upon opening, while we weren’t exactly bowled over by an intensely potent aroma, there was a pleasantly discernible sweet, earthy scent that wafted through the air. What was even more intriguing was the subtle hint of garlic, a rare undertone that piqued our curiosity. It’s quite clear that, in its prime, this flower must’ve had a truly captivating fragrance. The blunts did retain a pleasant aroma, albeit slightly overshadowed by the distinct scent of the blunt wrap.


Our anticipation grew as we set our eyes on the petite, vibrant orange bag that the blunts came in. Not only was it resealable (big plus!), but its front label was a quick-reference: there’s the brand, strain name, total terpenes, lineage, total cannabinoids, and even the lot number and packaging date. Flip to the back, and you’ll find a nifty diagram guiding you through the bag-opening process, paired with the producer’s contact information—kudos to Culture Kizos for that thoughtful touch.

Sliding the contents out, we discovered a smaller zip-lock bag cradling the two blunts. And yes, nestled in there was the welcome sight of a humidity pack. It’s clear that Sheeesh went to great lengths to ensure these blunts would reach consumers in optimal condition, retaining their freshness for the long haul.

Now, let’s talk about the blunts themselves. Dressed in genuine King Palm wraps, they effortlessly distinguish themselves from the typical processed blunt paper crowd. In our extensive journey reviewing numerous pre-rolls from various cannabis brands, these were a refreshing standout. Generously filled and meticulously rolled, with a cigar paper finish at the tip leading to a robust paper filter, their promise was clear: a promise of a smooth, even burn. However, there was a slight setback. Despite the careful packaging and presentation, the blunts had dried out. This isn’t an insurmountable issue, but it did mean taking the extra step of rehydration to ensure the optimal smoking experience.


Diving into the flavour profile, we approached with a familiar trepidation: would the blunt wrap’s strong essence eclipse the delicate nuances of the flower? Our hunch wasn’t far off. While there were fleeting moments where hints of sweet herbs danced on our palate, the commanding taste of the blunt remained largely in the spotlight. It’s like trying to hear a whisper in a room filled with chatter—catching those subtle notes requires some focus.

And for those used to the gentle embrace of a traditional joint or spliff, be forewarned: this is a bolder, grittier experience. But then again, if blunts are already your jam and you’re rolling them frequently, this probably isn’t news to you. Embrace the intensity and savour the interplay of flavours!


Our bag came from lot number PRM-20221128-5, stamped with a packaging date of July 17, 2023. With THC levels boldly hitting the 28.08% mark, and a price tag of $24.95 for a duo of 1-gram blunts, the burning question was: is the premium worth the puff?

Sheeesh’s description wasn’t off the mark. This one truly channels its indica roots. After sparking it up, we were embraced by a soothing, warm wave that provided both a physical and cerebral reprieve. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a mellow evening; ideal for those times when you want to sink into the couch, let the chatter fade, and lose yourself in a movie or some soulful tunes. Conversations? They’ll likely take a backseat.

However, there was a hiccup. Despite the thoughtful packaging, our blunts arrived a tad dry, necessitating a bit of re-hydration. While initially a point of contention, once addressed, we didn’t have any other complaints. It’s a treat best saved for those rare, cherished moments. While the cost had us hesitating for a heartbeat, the experience was, in many ways, priceless. It’s the kind of smoke we’d reserve for those special moments. And as for Sheeesh’s next strain in this tantalizing BluntZ line? You bet we’re on board to give it a whirl.

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Mendo Stomper from Sheeesh, a compelling blend of Dark Shadow Stomper and OGKB, boasts an impressive THC content of 28.08%. Priced at $24.95 for two robust 1-gram blunts, they come thoughtfully packaged to maintain that sweet, earthy aroma with a hint of garlic. Their appearance is distinct with genuine King Palm wraps, a step up from conventional blunt papers. However, while the taste did lean heavily towards the wrap, overshadowing the flower's nuances, the overall experience was undeniably indica-centric—perfect for a serene night in. A touch pricey, yet potentially worth it for those special evenings.
  • Authentic King Palm wraps used
  • Strong indica-leaning effects
  • Ideal for evening relaxation
  • Blunt flavour overshadows flower
  • Slightly pricier than preferred
  • Not for social, chatty settings
Smell - 7.3
Appearance - 8.5
Flavour - 7.5
Experience - 7.9
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