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Shred Dessert Storm Pre-Roll Review

Ever smoked a dessert? Dive into 'Dessert Storm', where every puff feels like a tantalizing bite of a forbidden treat! Curious? Scroll down for a journey of flavours, highs, and a few surprises.

Shred Dessert Storm Pre-Roll contains a sweet smelling hybrid that is suppose to blend the genetics of Cake, Cookie, and Gelato strains. Although the company is keeping its precise lineage close to their chest, some detect its sweet, dank, and spicy undertones, drawing comparisons to esteemed strains such as Pink Cookies, Doughlato, and perhaps a whisper of GMO.

This was inspired by the discerning insights of Redditor RlyRlyRlyRlyRly, so we’re eager to see if Dessert Storm can rival prominent pre-rolls like Vibe’s Rocketman or the whole flower offerings of General Admission’s Desserts & Sweets.

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Often, pre-rolls disappoint with their faint scents, typically drying out well before they’re lit. With this in mind, we approached Dessert Storm with tempered expectations. Imagine our delight when we uncapped the tube to be greeted by a gentle yet distinct fragrance! Sweet notes, punctuated with undertones of dank spices, wafted up, making for a pleasant surprise.

While the aroma wasn’t overpowering, it left us thinking: if the pre-roll was this potent, then the whole flower must be truly aromatic.


Arriving in a purple plastic doob tube, the front label clearly showcases the brand, strain, scent, and cannabinoids. On the back, you’ll find practical information such as the packaging date, lot number, and contact details for the producer, Organigram.

The pre-roll itself carried forward the regal purple theme as it had a unique purple camouflage paper filter, an intriguing play of dark and light purple hues. Wrapped in what appears to be a king-sized white rolling paper – possibly rice or ultra-thin hemp – the joint isn’t too densely packed, suggesting it will have a smooth draw and even burn.


Usually, pre-rolls can be a letdown in the flavour department, primarily because they tend to lose their freshness and aromatic essence when sealed in plastic tubes over time. But with Dessert Storm, the experience was nothing short of delightful. Each puff brought forward an intricate dance of flavours – from the sweet, velvety creaminess akin to a decadent dessert to the deeper, earthy and spicy undertones reminiscent of an old-school cannabis strain. What truly added to the experience was the smoothness of the smoke; it glided effortlessly, causing minimal throat irritation and significantly reducing any chances of a coughing fit. Given the richness of the taste in the pre-roll, it sparks curiosity: just how vibrant and intense might the profile have been before the buds were milled and rolled?


Our pre-rolled was part of lot number 34452230503 and was packaged on May 3, 2023. Advertised with a high THC level of 22.3% and priced at $9.30 for a 1 gram pre-roll, we were curious to see what all the commotion was about.

From the initial light-up, the experience was nuanced. The high undeniably bore the signature traits of a hybrid – a harmonious blend of calm energy and invigoration. Instead of the often-encountered lethargy that can shadow potent strains, Dessert Storm retained an uplifting clarity, making relaxation feel rejuvenated rather than dormant. It’s rare to be truly taken aback by a pre-roll, but this one certainly set a new benchmark for us this year. For those considering Dessert Storm, our advice is unequivocal: grab it, whether as milled or pre-rolled. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Shred will release this gem as a whole flower option soon.

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Dessert Storm, originating from the Cake, Cookie, and Gelato lineage, boasts a noteworthy THC content of 22.3%. Priced competitively at $9.30 for a 1 gram pre-roll, this offering from Shred presents itself with a memorable aromatic profile: a sweet scent with spicy, dank undertones. Its aesthetic appeal is heightened by a vibrant purple-themed packaging and a unique camouflage filter. The flavour surprises with sweet creamy notes balanced by earthy undertones, and the smoking experience is pleasantly hybrid - a blend of calm and invigoration without the unwanted drag of drowsiness. In our books, Dessert Storm stands out as one of the most commendable pre-rolls this year.
  • THC content (22.3%)
  • Intriguing sweet-spicy aroma
  • Smooth, hybrid experience
  • Pre-roll may dry out
  • Not available as whole flower
  • Limited lineage information
Smell - 8.1
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 8.5
Experience - 8.4
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